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Friday, June 24, 2016

The Student - The Next Day

Since resuming writing again I've joined a couple of online erotic story web sites and have published "The Student" on both of them.  The results have been very gratifying, and most of the comments all have one thing in common:  they all ask for a sequel.  After giving it some thought I decided that a sequel was most definitely in order; in fact, I'm giving serious consideration to making this a series. I'll keep all of you posted on what I decide.

 But in the mean time, here is the much-requested sequel to "The Student."

Roger woke up the next morning with thoughts of Jessica and their classroom encounter fresh in his mind; actually, his dreams had been filled with the images of her big, round breasts squeezed in his hands as her pussy milked the cum from him.  As he showered in preparation for work the mere thought of her soft lips around his shaft gave him an almost immediate erection, one that stayed with him long enough to make getting dressed a problem.  But he was able to work around it and finally finished getting dressed, putting on a clean pair of khakis, a white shirt with a black tie and his maroon Mason Alexander Prep blazer that all staff were required to wear.  He stopped to check his appearance in the full length mirror, noting once again that the only thing to distinguish his appearance from that of a male student was that the students wore black trousers while the staff wore khakis.  That, and the obvious age difference, of course.  After a quick cup of coffee in the small kitchen of his apartment he was off to Mason Alexander Prep and Jessica.

In a way he was looking forward to seeing her in his classroom today, but in a way he wasn’t.  He knew he was playing with fire by getting involved in a sexual relationship with a student – while she was 19 years old and was of legal age, he’d lose his job for sure if they were discovered – but at this point his fascination with and desire for her was far stronger than his common sense.  Like the old saying goes, “When one head gets hard the other gets soft,” and it was more than true with him.  Besides, the idea of getting involved in a ‘69’ with this alluring, sexy creature was way too tempting for him to consider shutting the whole thing down.

Not yet, anyway.  ‘And not any time soon, either,’ he thought to himself.

The other reason why he wasn’t looking forward to seeing her was he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to act nonchalant with her in his classroom, and he wasn’t sure how she’d act as well.  He had a feeling that she’d be able to pull it off, tempting and teasing him in her usual way, but he wasn’t so sure about himself.  It was going to be a challenge, that’s for sure.

When the students trooped into his classroom and took their seats, Jessica wasn’t among them.  This wasn’t anything unusual since she was almost always late for his class to begin with, but when she didn’t show up for class at all he was both disappointed and concerned.  The sight of the empty desk front row center of his classroom bothered him, and he found himself longing to see Jessica sitting in it.

After giving the students their work assignment to be completed in class, Roger sat down behind his desk to grade some papers while the students worked.  He opened the center drawer of his desk to get a pen, and that’s when he saw the note.

“I’m sorry, my pet, but I can’t be in class today as I have things to do in preparation for tonight,” the note said in Jessica’s distinctive handwriting.  “But after all, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ as they say!”

That was it.  Nothing else, no other details as to just what Jessica had planned for tonight.  There wasn’t even anything in it to suggest that it involved him, but he was pretty sure that it did.  Just what it was, however, was left to his imagination.  And after all the notes she’d left him before and the encounter in his classroom last night, Roger was left with plenty to imagine.

And Roger’s imagination ran wild all day long.  He found it very difficult to concentrate on his teachings with the erotic thoughts of Jessica running through his head, and he was relieved when his day was finally over.  He had a feeling that this was exactly what she had wanted, exactly what she had planned and was counting on.  Jessica had proven herself to be a master tease, and he had a feeling that she was playing him like a fine musical instrument.

The day finally ended, and after the students all left his classroom Roger picked up his briefcase and left, closing the classroom door behind him and walking through the now-deserted building and out to his car.  When he unlocked the door and opened it, he was more than surprised to see a note with his name on it sitting on the driver’s seat.  The handwriting was unmistakably Jessica’s.

‘Now how the hell did she manage that?’ he wondered, bending over to pick up the note before getting in the car and closing the door.  He started the car and cranked up the air conditioning before opening the note and reading it.

‘Hello, my pet!’ the note said in Jessica’s elegant, spidery handwriting.  ‘I hope you had a good day today and that my empty desk wasn’t too big of a distraction for you.  I promise you that I’ll more than make up for it tonight!’

And that was it.  Nothing else, no other details.  She was teasing him again, and it was working.  Roger’s imagination immediately went into high gear, his cock quickly hardening inside his khakis as images of Jessica flooded through his mind.

“Damn, this girl is good!” Roger said out loud as he started his car.  He backed out of his parking space, then drove out of the parking lot and off of the campus to his apartment.  His head was filled with images of Jessica and her huge tits all the way, forcing him to shift his cock’s position in his khakis before it snapped off.

Roger had yet another surprise waiting for him when he got to his apartment.  There was another note stuck in between the door and the jamb, just above the doorknob, again with nothing but his name on it in Jessica’s handwriting.  Roger stopped, his mouth dropping open in surprise, and he stood there for several seconds before recovering his composure.  He snatched the note out of the crack and opened the apartment door, then stepped inside and closed the door behind him.  He dropped his briefcase to the floor and opened the note, his hands shaking slightly with anticipation as he did so.

‘Hello again, my pet!  Welcome home!’ was all the note said.  Roger dropped his hands to his sides and leaned back against the door, shaking his head in amazement.

“How in the hell did she find out where I live?” he asked the empty room.  He thought about it for a moment, wondering if she had that many contacts around town that she could both find out where he lived and get his car unlocked to put the note inside.  He walked around the half-wall separating the living room from the small kitchen, dropping the note on the counter and opening the refrigerator to retrieve a much-needed beer.

“Son of a bitch!” he exclaimed out loud as he looked inside the refrigerator.  There, sitting on the shelf next to his beer, was a bottle of very expensive champagne and another note.  With a hand shaking with anticipation, he picked up the note and opened it to read it.

‘See you tonight, my pet!  Seven o’clock, and I promise this time I won’t be late!’  Beneath that one line there was a lipstick imprint of Jessica’s full lips, the red lipstick stark against the white background of the note. 

‘This girl is amazing to the point of being scary!’ Roger thought to himself.  ‘How in the hell is she pulling all this off?’  He reached into the refrigerator and grabbed a beer, twisted the top off and tossed it in the sink as he walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.  He took a long pull from the cold beer, then sat there for several minutes doing nothing but thinking and drinking the beer.  He thought long and hard over his situation; part of him said to just let it run its course and enjoy the ride along the way, but the other part of him saw nothing but scenes from “Fatal Attraction.”  He had never been so unsure of what to do in his life, and he was totally unable to figure out just how Jessica was pulling all this off.  After several minutes he finally dropped his eyes to the coffee table in front of the couch, and his mouth dropped open when he saw what was there.
Sitting on top of the small stack of magazines on his coffee table was yet another note.  He set the now-empty beer bottle on the coffee table and picked up the note, opening it to read it.  He was amazed yet again at what he read.

‘I told you, my pet, I always get what I want.  And right now, I want you – very badly!’  And at the bottom of the note was a P.S.

‘Relax, lover, I’m no Glenn Close.  See you at seven!’

Roger dropped his hands into his lap and just sat there, looking at the note in awe and amazement.  Finally, he got up from the couch with the note still in his hand, picked up the empty beer bottle and walked into the kitchen to throw it away.

“Fuck it,” he said out loud to the empty apartment as he tossed the bottle in the trash, “I guess I’ll just see what happens next!”  Then he walked down the short hallway to his bedroom to undress and shower, stripping off his blazer and pulling off his tie as he went.  He tossed them on his bed before turning and going into the bathroom.  Thirty minutes later he emerged from his room clad in jeans, a green polo shirt, and leather boat shoes without socks.  He went into the kitchen to get another beer before going into the living room to sit down and try to relax.

The hours passed slowly as Roger waited in his apartment for the appointed hour to roll around.  At 5PM or so he called out for some Chinese food, suddenly realizing that he was starving.  When the deliveryman knocked on the door Roger half-expected to see Jessica standing there with the bag of food instead of the Chinese teen who was there instead.  He honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if it had been her; by this time, she had more than proven herself completely capable of doing whatever she wanted to get whatever she wanted – or in this case, whoever she wanted.  Roger paid the teen for the food and then sat down at the kitchen bar to eat.  When he was done he made sure to go into the bathroom and brush his teeth, something he normally didn’t do until he went to bed but something that he thought would be a good idea tonight.

Especially tonight.

After he finished in the bathroom Roger came into the living room and sat down on the couch to watch TV; he needed something to do to pass the time until seven o’clock.  He watched the images flickering on the large LCD screen across the room, seeing them but not really seeing them at all.  His mind was filled with images of Jessica and the previous night’s encounter in his classroom, and try as he might he couldn’t get them out of his head.  And he wasn’t sure he really wanted to.

Two hours later he heard his watch beep with the hour, and at that exact instant there were three distinct knocks on his door.  Roger felt his heart leap into his mouth as he reached for the control to turn the TV off, dropping it back to the coffee table after doing so.  He walked quickly over to the door and stood there for a moment, his palms sweaty and his heart pounding in his chest, and he suddenly realized that he was as nervous as a twelve-year-old boy about to experience his first kiss.
And he had a feeling that was exactly what Jessica wanted.

Roger opened the door and there was Jessica, her long auburn hair falling over the right side of her face as usual, her full lips turned up in a smile as she saw him, her green eyes sparkling.  She was wearing a black full length leather trench coat that was tied closed at the waist, her hands in the pockets and the front of the coat bulging out from her huge breasts beneath it.  He could see a mile of cleavage at the top of the coat and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of shirt she was wearing beneath it.  On her feet were black stiletto heeled pumps, the heels of which must have been four inches high at least.  Beneath the black nylons that she was wearing he could see that her toes were painted a scarlet red to match the lipstick that she wore, and Roger was sure her fingernails were done in the same color.

“Hello again, my pet,” she said breathlessly, and Roger wasn’t sure if she sounded like that because she was excited or just wanted to turn him on.  Either way it was having the desired effect as he felt his cock stir in his pants.

“Right on time, Jessica,” he replied, and her lips parted as she smiled bigger at him.

“I told you I wouldn’t be late this time, lover,” she said.  “May I come in?”

“Absolutely!” Roger said, standing aside and holding the door open for her.  He got a whiff of her jasmine perfume as she walked past, breezing into the room as if she owned the place.  He closed the door and then turned to walk behind her, following her into the living room.  She walked into the middle of the room between the coffee table and TV when she stopped, turning to face him, her hands still in her pockets.

“You have a very nice apartment, Roger,” she said, smiling a coy smile at him.

“Thank you, Jessica,” he replied, standing in front of her.  “It’s not much, but I do what I can on the salary that the school pays me.”

“I’ll see what I can do about that later,” she said, smiling that coy smile at him again.  Roger’s brow furrowed for a moment at this statement, but she didn’t give him any time to think further as she continued speaking.

“But right now,” she said, taking her hands out of her pockets and untying the belt holding the coat closed, “we have more important things to concern ourselves with, don’t you think?” she asked, opening the coat and slipping it from her shoulders, dropping it to the floor to lie in a heap at her feet.  Rogers mouth fell open at what he saw.

Jessica was wearing a black lace half-cup bra that looked like it could barely contain her mammoth breasts, a pair of black silk panties that Roger just knew were thongs, and a black lace garter belt to hold up the black nylons that sheathed her legs. The black stiletto heels she was wearing completed the outfit, and as Jessica cocked a knee and put her hands on her hips he saw that he was right about her nails.

“Do you like what you see, my pet?” she cooed, her eyes hooded as she looked at him.

  Roger paused for a moment before answering, drinking in the sight of her lithe, young body with her huge, rounded breasts and firm, flat stomach.  He could see her big nipples protruding against the lace of the bra, and from her navel dangled a sparkling jewel which Roger knew just had to be a real diamond. 

“Absolutely,” he finally managed to answer.  “You’re the sexiest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Jessica,” he said, meaning every word of it.  She smiled at him in return as she spoke.

“Thank you, lover,” she said, dropping her hands from her hips and walking slowly over to him.  Her massive breasts jiggled and swayed inside the flimsy bra she was wearing, and he expected them to pop out at any moment.  “I bought this lingerie just for you, Roger.  This is why I wasn’t in school today – this, and a few other things I had to take care of.  I wanted to make our evening together memorable in every way!”  She stopped when she was close enough to him that her breasts were barely touching his lower chest, and he could feel the hard nipples poking his skin.

“You’ve succeeded, trust me,” he said, looking down at her.  She put her arms around his neck and pulled his head slowly down to hers as she replied.

“And I’m just getting started, my pet,” she said softly, pulling his head down until their lips brushed.  “The best is yet to come!” she whispered as their lips met.

Her lips were warm and soft against his as Jessica kissed him, her hand on the back of his head pulling his lips to hers as her other arm slipped around his upper body.  She pulled Roger in close, molding her body to his from her knees to her chest, and Roger could feel the mounds of her huge, full breasts pressing against him.  Her delicate tongue slipped between their lips and into his mouth to find his own as Roger slid his arms around Jessica’s lithe body.  He slipped his hands down her back to her buttocks, gripping the firm, rounded globes in his hands and squeezing them as he pulled her close against him.  Jessica could feel his cock swelling and growing between them, pressing into her abdomen as it grew longer, thicker, and harder.  She moaned in his mouth at the sensations, pulling his tongue into her mouth as she deepened the kiss.

Roger squeezed the globes of her ass harder in return, and he could feel the hard tube of his cock straining for release as it pressed against her.  Jessica moaned in his mouth at the increased grip on her ass, and she ground her pubic mound against him in return. 

Just when Roger thought he would go out of his mind she finally broke off the kiss, leaving the both of them slightly gasping for breath.  Her eyes were hooded with desire as she looked up at him, her hand still on the back of his head as his hands still gripped her firm, shapely ass.

“This is going to be such fun!” she whispered, smiling up at him as she spoke.  “I’m going to make you cum so hard!”

“I intend on returning the favor,” Roger replied, smiling down at her.  They kissed again, briefly this time, but just as intense.  When the short kiss was over Jessica took Roger by the hand and turned to walk towards the bedroom, taking him with her.  Roger was mesmerized by the sight of her shapely ass wiggling back and forth as she walked, and he was pleased to see that he was right about the panties.  They were thongs after all, and he had never seen a woman wear them better than Jessica.
She led him down the short hall to his bedroom, and Roger briefly wondered how she knew where it was.  Then he remembered that she had already been in his apartment and had invariably checked it out while she was here, and he made a mental note to ask her how she did that as soon as he got the chance.

Once in his bedroom Jessica led him over to the end of the bed, then turned him around so that his back was to the bed. She pushed on his shoulders to sit him down, and once he was sitting she stepped back from him so that she was just out of arm’s reach.  Locking her gaze on his, her eyes hooded with desire, she reach around behind her and unhooked the clasp holding her bra in place.  Once the back straps fell free she held it in place with one hand while she shrugged the straps from her shoulders.  Never taking her eyes off of his she pulled the bra away, tossing it aside as she revealed her huge, full breasts to him once again.  They were just as spectacular as the night before, the nipples hard and erect, standing out proudly from the areolas which were slightly crinkled with her desire.  She walked over to him and placed one hand on the back of his head while she lifted her left breast up with the other, guiding his lips to the erect nipple.  She pushed his face into her big, soft breast, and Roger immediately clamped his lips around the erect nipple and sucked hard.  Jessica gasped with pleasure at the sensations of her nipple being sucked into his mouth, and she pulled his face harder against her big breast in reply.  After a moment or two she moved Roger’s head over to her other breast, and he repeated his actions on her other nipple.  Jessica threw her head back, her eyes closed, and moaned slightly as he sucked on her nipples.

“Oh, my God, that feels so good!” she moaned as Roger switched back and forth from one breast to another.  Roger knew that Jessica was more than a little aroused by now as he could smell her musk filling the room as he sucked on her big breasts.  He put one arm around her slim waist to hold her in place while he slid his other hand up the inside of her thigh to her mound, cupping it in the palm of his hand.  Jessica moaned again as he rubbed her mound with his hand, and he could feel the heat and the dampness seeping through her panties.  He slipped a finger past the crotch of her panties and discovered that she was already soaking wet as his finger slipped easily inside her tunnel.  She jumped as his finger slipped deep inside her pussy, clamping down on it immediately with her talented inner muscles.

“OH!” she exclaimed, bucking her hips towards him as his finger probed deeper into her tight, wet pussy.  She involuntarily grabbed his head with both hands and yanked it deeper into her mountainous breasts, holding him firm for several long moments and nearly smothering him before she realized what she was doing and let him go.  Roger lifted his head up, gasping for air as he was freed from the smothering flesh of Jessica’s huge breasts.  She looked down at him and smiled sheepishly, running her hand over the back of his head as she spoke.

“I’m sorry, my pet, I got carried away!” she said, her voice husky with desire.

“That’s okay, Jessica,” Roger replied.  “If I’m going to die by suffocation I can’t think of a better way to go!”

“But I can,” Jessica replied in a low voice, looking at him with hooded eyes as she continued.  “If you’re going to die by suffocation, it’s going to be with your face buried between my legs instead of between my boobs!  Now stand up and get naked, my pet, then lie on the bed on your back,” she said, releasing his head from her hands as she took a few steps backwards, Roger’s finger slipping out of her pussy as she did so.

Roger stood up, pulling off his polo shirt as he did so, and Jessica smiled as she saw the pole of Roger’s erect cock tenting out the front of his jeans as he did so.  He kicked off his shoes and unfastened his jeans, sliding them down his hips and tossing them to the side.  Jessica was pleasantly surprised to see that he wore no underwear; that would be just one more piece of clothing to get in the way, after all.  Roger sat down on the bed and slid back into the middle of it as Jessica slipped the thong panties over her shapely hips and down her long legs, tossing them onto his jeans lying on the floor.  He sat back on his elbows and watched as Jessica put first one foot and then the other up on the bed, giving him a clear view of her glistening, shaven pussy lips as she unfastened the stiletto heels and slipped them off her feet.  Then she unfastened the garter belt clips from the tops of the nylons and slid the nylons down her shapely legs just as slowly, teasing Roger in a most delicious way.  Then she slid the garter belt itself down over her hips and let it fall to the floor, then kicking it over to the side to lie with the pile of clothing that was already there.

Jessica stood there for a moment, letting Roger look her over as she did the same to him.  This was the first time they had seen each other totally naked, and both of them liked what they saw.  Jessica’s mouth began to water as she saw Roger’s hard, throbbing cock standing out from his body as he lay on his side, propped up on one elbow, and she smiled as the first clear drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip.

“Mmmm, more candy!” she said, smiling as she continued to look at his cock.

“Want some candy, little girl?” Roger playfully asked as he continued to admire Jessica’s tight, lean, and lithe body.  Her big breasts bobbed slightly with the motions of her chest as she breathed, the nipples hard and erect, glistening with his saliva.  Jessica nodded at him, a lustful smile on her face, as she climbed onto the bed and crawled towards him on her hands and knees.  Her mammoth breast hung down from her chest, swaying back and forth as she moved, and as she reached Roger’s cock she reached out and grasped it in her hand.  She immediately lowered her head down and sucked the head of his cock into her wet, waiting mouth, drinking down his pre-cum as she pumped the hard shaft in her hand. 

Roger lay flat on his back on the bed as Jessica continued sucking at his cock, Roger watching as her head bobbed slowly up and down as she worked on his shaft.  Without missing a beat, she spun her body around so that she was facing his feet, then lifted up one shapely leg and threw it over his head.  Roger was now face-to-face with Jessica’s pussy, the smooth lips glistening with her juices and already parted from the intrusion of his finger.  Roger thought that she had the most beautiful pussy he’d ever seen as she lowered it down onto his face, continuing to suck his cock deeper and deeper into her wet mouth as she did so.  Roger could feel the firm mounds of her massive breasts pressing into his abdomen on either side of his cock as she swallowed him whole, the hard points of her nipples poking against his skin.

As Jessica’s pussy settled onto his mouth Roger reached up and grabbed her firm, rounded ass with both hands.  He squeezed the firm globes hard as he ran his tongue up and down her smooth, shaven outer lips, and he felt her body quiver as he did so.  She jumped and gasped around his cock as his tongue found the hard nub of her clit, flicking over it several times and making her jump each time.  Her hips bucked on his mouth as he clamped his lips around the nub and pulled on it firmly, sucking it into his mouth and making Jessica squeal around his cock.  He could feel the muscles of Jessica’s firm, smooth thighs flexing as he worked her over, alternating between running his tongue over her clit, sliding it up and down her slit, or thrusting it in and out of her hot, wet tunnel.

In return Jessica sucked harder on Roger’s cock, taking it as deep into her throat as she could.  She grabbed his balls with one hand, squeezing the smooth-shaven nuggets in her hand as she slid her wet mouth up and down on the hard shaft.  She pushed her mound down onto Roger’s face harder as he slipped his tongue inside her tunnel, driving her mouth down onto his cock in return. 

‘Oh my God, he’s good!  He’s going to make me cum in no time!’ she thought to herself as Roger pushed his tongue into her tunnel again, then pulling it out and licking up and down her wet slit and over her clit.  This sent little shock waves through her body, and Jessica’s hips bucked in response.  She pushed her wet, sucking mouth down further on his hard cock in response, trying to get as much of it in her mouth and down her throat as she possibly could.  She could taste the river of pre-cum flowing out of the tip of his cock, and she squeezed his balls firmly to get more out of him.  She moaned loudly around his shaft as he plunged his tongue deeper into her tunnel in response, her hips bucking at the sensations flooding through her body.

Roger could tell by the way Jessica’s hips were bucking against his face and how her pussy was flooding that she was on the verge of cumming, so he redoubled his efforts to drive her over the edge.  He clamped his lips around the hard nub of her clit and pulled it into his mouth once again, flicking his tongue over and around it as he squeezed her ass with both hands.  The way her hips bucked in response told him he was on the right track, so he flicked his tongue over her clit faster and harder.

That sent Jessica over the edge, and her pussy exploded in orgasm.  She slipped Roger’s cock out of her mouth and gripped it tightly in her hand as she cried out in ecstasy, the powerful waves of her orgasm flooding out from her pussy to run rampant through the rest of her body.  She drove her pussy down onto Roger’s face, clamping her thighs hard around his head as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure went crashing through her body.  Her whole body shook with the intensity of her orgasm, and her pussy flooded Roger’s mouth with her juices.  It was all Roger could do to hang on to her bucking hips, her legs clamped tight around his head as he wondered if he would die of suffocation or drowning as Jessica’s intense orgasm continued. 

Jessica squeezed her eyes closed and gripped Roger’s cock and balls hard for support as the powerful orgasm ripped through her body, and when it finally ended she was covered with a fine layer of sweat.  The orgasm faded almost as quickly as it had hit, and Roger was relieved when he finally felt Jessica’s thighs relax on either side of his head.  He lifted his nose up and drew in a deep breath, the first he’d had in more than a minute, pulling her hips up from his face with his hands as he did so.  Jessica was lying limp on him, her head resting on his hips, her huge breasts mashed against his hips, her hands still gripping his cock and balls as she panted for breath. 

After several long moments Jessica finally stirred, releasing Roger’s cock as she lifted her body up from his.  She swung her leg over Roger’s head and turned around to face him, straddling his hips with a knee on either side of him.  Roger was mesmerized by the sight of her huge breasts swaying as she moved, the nipples still hard and prominent against the massive mounds of her breasts.  He also noticed that her areolas were still slightly crinkled, a leftover from the orgasm she had just enjoyed.  She sat down on him, trapping his still-hard cock lengthwise between the slick outer lips of her pussy, then leaned forward to lay on him full length.  She kissed him hard, tasting her pussy juices on his lips and tongue, grinding her pussy against the underside of his cock as she did so.  After several long, delightful moments she broke off the kiss and propped herself up with a hand on either side of his head above his shoulders, slowly sliding her pussy up and down the underside of his shaft as she spoke.

“That was fantastic, my pet!” she said, smiling down at him, her thick, auburn hair hanging down around her face as she looked down at him.  “No one has ever made me cum that hard before!”  Roger reached up and grasped her big, swaying breasts in his hands as he replied, squeezing them firmly for emphasis.

“There’s more where that came from, you know,” he said, tugging on her nipples and making her flinch with pleasure.  She pushed down hard on his shaft as she slid up and down again as she replied.

“I certainly hope so!” she said, smiling briefly before leaning down and kissing him once again, her lips soft and warm against his, her tongue wet and soft as it danced with hers.  She slid her pussy slowly up and down the underside of his hard shaft as the sucked his tongue into her mouth, and she felt him flinch and his cock throb at this.  Finally, she released his tongue from her sucking mouth and sat up, putting her hands on his chest as she slid her wet pussy up the underside of his cock to the tip, rubbing her wet slit slowly up and down on the sensitive underside.  She gave him a slightly evil smile as she spoke again.

“But now it’s my turn to make you cum, my pet!” she said. 

Jessica lifted her hips up from Roger’s shaft as she reached down between them to grasp his cock, slick and shiny with her juices, with her fingers.  She pointed it up towards her pussy, rubbing the bulbous head up and down her slit a few times to cover it with her juices.  She flinched and gasped as the big head rubbed over her clit, her eyes closing for just a moment at the sensation.  Then she moved the head of his cock back to her opening, sliding her tight, wet pussy down until just the head was engulfed in her tunnel.  She released his cock from her grasp and leaned forward, putting her hands on his chest again as she sat up, the head of his cock trapped inside her.

Jessica looked him straight in the eyes as she pushed her hips down, slowly, very slowly, engulfing his cock inside her tunnel.  She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt Roger’s big cock stretch her out, the bulbous head pushing deeper into her followed by the thick, throbbing shaft.  She never hesitated, slowly swallowing his cock with her pussy, inch by tantalizing inch, opening her eyes and looking at him with a hooded gaze as she took all of him inside her in one, long, slow stroke.  Finally, she had all of him inside her and Roger felt the globes of her shapely ass settle onto his balls.  She clenched her talented inner muscles around his pole as she slowly rotated her hips on him, grinding her pussy down onto him firmly.  In return Roger reached up and grabbed both of her huge breasts, the nipples harder than diamonds, squeezing the firm mounds in both hands before tugging on her nipples.  Jessica gasped at the sensations ripping through her boobs and into her body, squeezing her pussy around him even tighter.

Roger felt like his cock was being gripped by a hot, wet velvet fist as Jessica squeezed him with her pussy.  He had been with women who could do this before, but no one could squeeze as hard as Jessica was squeezing him now. 

“That’s amazing!” Roger said, looking up at her as she continued to slowly rotate her hips around and around on his cock, gripping and squeezing it with her talented pussy.

“I’m glad you like it, my pet,” she replied, her voice a husky whisper.  “It makes it so much easier to squeeze the cum out of you – when I’m ready for you to cum, of course!” she replied, smiling at him.

“Of course,” Roger replied, smiling back up at her as he squeezed her big tits again.

Jessica began to move then, slowly sliding her pussy up his shaft until just the head was inside her, then sliding back down again almost as slowly as she had before.  She increased her rhythm just a little bit as she moved on his hard cock, sliding her wet, hot pussy up and down his length, squeezing and gripping it with her talented inner muscles as she slowly fucked him.  She kept her eyes on his as she moved on top of him, and he kept his hands on her big breasts, squeezing and kneading them in his hands as she rode his cock.  She was slowly driving Roger out of his mind with the slow, deliberate pace she was maintaining, and then she started to slowly twist her hips as she rode up and down on his hard cock.  This made Roger moan with delight, and Jessica broke into a big smile at his reaction.

“Do you like that, my pet?” she cooed, looking into his eyes and never pausing in the motions that she knew was going to drive him crazy and make him cum.  “Do you like when I twist my hips while I ride your big, hard cock?” she asked, twisting her hips a little more as she spoke.

“Very much,” Roger replied, his hands still gripping her huge mounds.  He looked down to watch her as she moved, marveling at the sight of her taut abdomen muscles flexing as she worked him over.  She looked down as well, her auburn hair falling onto Roger’s chest as she did so, and watched for several long moments as she continued to ride his hard cock.  Then she lifted her head and looked at him again as she spoke.

“I love watching your big, hard cock disappear into my tight little pussy,” she breathed as she continued to move up and down his shaft, her hips twisting as she rode him.  Roger noticed that her breathing was coming faster now, and he felt her pussy flood against just a bit.  She was getting close to cumming, and she knew it as well.  Her voice was more breathless as she spoke again.

“And now, my pet, I think it’s time I make you cum inside me,” she said, her motions increasing noticeably as she squeezed his cock tighter, “because I’m going to cum all over your delicious cock!”

She rode him hard, increasing the tempo as she slid her pussy up and down his shaft, twisting her hips and squeezing his cock with her pussy as he squeezed her big breasts and tugged hard on the nipples.  She squealed a bit when he did this, and drove her hips down onto him more firmly in return.  A fine layer of sweat began to shine on her body as well as his, her skin glistening in the light as she rode him harder and harder, her hips twisting as she moved.  Roger could feel her pussy gripping and squeezing him, and he knew that his orgasm wasn’t far off. 

Neither was Jessica’s. 

“I’m getting ready to cum, lover!” she moaned, closing her eyes and tossing her head back as she rode him harder.  “I’m getting ready to cum all over your big, beautiful cock!”  She lowered her head to look him in the eyes once again, and the desire was burning in her eyes light an intense fire as she spoke.

“Cum with me, my pet!  Cum with me, fill me up with your hot cum as I cum all over your big cock!” she pleaded, gripping and squeezing his cock harder than ever as she drove her hips up and down on his throbbing shaft.  Then she shifted her hands, moving them to his nipples where she pinched and pulled on them hard.  This sent shock waves of unexpected pleasure ripping through Roger’s body straight to his cock and balls, and he immediately felt his cock swell and his balls shift in preparation for what was going to be an earth-shattering explosion.  Jessica felt it, too, as her eyes lit up with anticipation.  She tugged and pulled on his nipples harder as she spoke, riding him harder than ever.

“Yes, my pet, that’s it!  Cum for me, cum inside me, fill me up!” she gasped as Roger tugged on her own nipples, squeezing his cock for all she was worth.  “Let me have it and make me cum all over you!”

Roger came then, his orgasm hitting him like a nuclear blast.  He groaned through gritted teeth as his cock exploded, his hips bucking upwards as the first stream of hot cum blasted out of his cock deep into Jessica’s gripping, squeezing pussy.  He grabbed her big tits in both hands and squeezed as his cock pumped and throbbed inside her, shooting stream after stream of hot, thick cum into her waiting tunnel.

Jessica came right along with him, throwing her head back and crying out as her own orgasm broke, the waves of pleasure crashing through her lithe body like a tsunami.  She continued to ride his cock as the delicious waves of pleasure washed over her again and again, and she could feel Roger’s big cock pumping and throbbing inside her as his balls emptied themselves into her pussy.  She released his nipples from her hands and placed them on top of his, squeezing his hands with hers so he would squeeze her huge mounds harder and increase her orgasm.  She dropped her hips down onto him and held them there, her pussy gripping and clenching around his pumping, throbbing shaft as both of their orgasms ran their course.

Roger could feel Jessica’s pussy clamping down on him, and he could also feel the hot cum running out of her pussy and down over his balls as his cock continued to pump inside her.  He pushed his hips up and held them there as she drove down onto his cock, maintaining that position as the pulsing and throbbing of his cock slowly subsided.  He could feel Jessica’s pussy flooding over his shaft and knew that her orgasm was running out as well, and when the pumping of his cock and the squeezing of her pussy finally stopped they were both left gasping for breath, covered with a fine sheet of sweat.  Jessica fell forward onto him, her huge breasts mashing into his chest, her nipples sore and sensitive from the tugging he gave them, and she kept his cock trapped inside her as she lay there.  Roger put his arms around her slim body and held her as they both recovered, and it took several long, enjoyable minutes for their breathing to return to normal.  Jessica finally lifted her head up, her hair a slightly matted mess from her orgasm, and smiled as she looked at him.

“Wow!” was all she could manage.

“Wow is right!” Roger replied.  They kissed then, a soft, delicate kiss, their lips parting and tongues gently touching as Roger’s cock slowly softened inside her.  She looked into his eyes as she spoke.

“No one’s ever made me cum like that before!” she said, looking into his eyes as she spoke.

“No one’s ever made me cum like that before, either,” he replied.  They kissed again, a soft, quick kiss, before Jessica spoke again.

“How long before you can get hard again?” she asked, tracing a finger along the side of his face as she spoke.  “And how many times can you cum in one night?” she asked, a playful, naughty look on her face.  Roger smiled back as he replied.

“About half an hour or so, depending on who I’m with,” he said, teasing her.  “And the most I’ve cum in one night has been three – so far,” he added.

“I think we can do better than that, don’t you, my pet?” she asked, propping herself up on his chest with her elbows, his now-soft cock still trapped inside her.

“I think so, yes,” he replied, meaning it.

“Good!”  she said, her eyes sparkling.  “In the mean time we have some champagne to drink, don’t we?”

“Yes we do, but I’m afraid I don’t have any champagne glasses,” he said.

“Yes you do,” she replied, giving him a half-smile in the process.  “In the freezer, all nice and chilled for us!”

“How did you-“ he started to say, but she cut him off with a finger to his lips.

“Shhhh,” she shushed, smiling at him before giving him a quick kiss on the lips.  “Now be a dear and go pour us a couple of glasses while I clean up a bit,” she said.  And before Roger could reply she was up and headed to his bathroom, her rounded, firm ass swaying as she walked away.  Roger watched her go, and she smiled at him as she turned to close the bathroom door.

Roger got up and padded naked into the kitchen, and when he opened the freezer door there were indeed two chilled champagne glasses sitting inside.  Crystal glasses no less, Roger saw, and damned expensive ones. 

“How the fuck is she doing this?” he asked himself out loud, pausing for a moment before reaching for the glasses and then getting the bottle of champagne out of the refrigerator.  He opened the bottle, poured two glasses, then put the bottle back into the refrigerator before picking up the glasses and carrying them back into the bedroom.  When he got there he saw Jessica lying on the bed, still naked and propped up on one elbow, smiling at him as he came into the room.  He walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge, handing one of the glasses to her.

“Thank you, my pet,” she said, smiling at him as she took the glass.

“You’re most welcome, Jessica,” he replied.  She held the glass up before either of them could take a sip as she spoke.

“Here’s a toast to us, this big bed, and the rest of the night – may it be filled with love, lust, and plenty of orgasms!” she said, giggling at her toast.

“At least four,” Roger replied, clinking his glass against hers before taking a sip.

“At least!” Jessica replied, lowering her head to sip from her glass and looking up at him from beneath her brows as she sipped from the glass.

When Jessica left his apartment six hours – and four orgasms - later she left a totally drained, exhausted, but very happy and very satisfied Roger behind.  Jessica was nearly insatiable, easily the most energetic, enthusiastic, and willing lover Roger had ever had.  It was all he could do to keep up with her, and he had lost count of the number of times she’d cum.

When he finally found the energy to get up from his now-messy bed to use the bathroom and relieve himself of some of the champagne they had consumed, he saw the note written in red lipstick on the mirror in his bathroom.  He smiled when he read the words written on the mirror in Jessica’s fine, spidery handwriting.

‘Thank you for a wonderful evening, my pet!  I can’t wait to do this again!  See you in class!’

“I can hardly wait!” he said to himself out loud, meaning every word of it.